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Talismans, 2023

These drawings meticulously capture the objects I brought back from India, each of which has a deep personal significance. Acting as talismans, these objects embody the remnants of my cultural origins and serve as anchors for my exploration of displaced identity. In a world of constant movement and migration, objects become repositories of memory, culture and a sense of belonging. They carry the weight of our histories and provide a sense of comfort and familiarity in unfamiliar surroundings. Rendered in an intimate and small format, the watercolour drawings invite the viewer to engage closely with each artwork, creating a space for reflection and contemplation. By presenting these objects as isolated entities, removed from their original context, I aim to explore the notion that personal possessions can transcend physical boundaries and serve as a bridge between past and present, between old and new identities.

Watercolour on paper

18 X 24 cm each

Ismail, 2022
En devenir, 2023
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